Introducing FoundationOS—the operating system for web3.

web3 is the next evolution of the internet built on open infrastructure where information, code, and objects are free to travel. The monolithic apps and websites of web2 are giving way to the composable destinations of web3.

Since we launched Foundation in early 2021, most have come to know us as an NFT marketplace. But Foundation is not just a website, it’s the basis for an entire ecosystem. In reality, is just the first web3 destination to be powered by Foundation Protocol. To date, Foundation Protocol has facilitated over 600K transactions and currently houses more than 100K onchain listings—the most of any NFT marketplace protocol.

Foundation Protocol is a key piece of infrastructure capable of supporting millions of destinations. This has always been the vision. A foundation, after all, is meant to be built on. 

Meet FoundationOS. The operating system for web3. 

With FoundationOS, we’re opening up our tools for developers to build on top of Foundation Protocol. All of the components, API endpoints, and smart contracts that power will be available to you. Build your own gallery, record label, curated NFT marketplace, internet-native museum, multiplayer game, headless brand, or a web3 destination yet to be imagined.

What will you invent with FoundationOS?

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