Everything you need to know about our integration with Highlight

Starting today, Worlds supports Highlight’s generative art tooling

Generative art isn’t a trend. It's a profound expression of the intersection between art and technology. It’s deeply embedded in the history and evolution of digital creativity, offering us a medium that is dynamic, interactive, and inherently digital.

The method of creating art using autonomous systems has existed before the advent of computers. It’s taken shape in different forms: text, music, architecture, all of which have informed what we experience as code-based art today. With the rise of blockchain innovation, generative systems have rapidly evolved into an art market category with new economic models. Blockchain technology adds digital scarcity and provenance to complex systems, allowing outputs to be as verifiably scarce or prolific as the creator desires.

In navigating these nascent market structures, generative artists face a crucial choice:

  • Partner with a platform and relinquish control.

    Existing platforms often charge steep fees, have strict technical guidelines and require the artist to give up control over their work.

  • Independently manage and market their release.

    Self-releasing can be more rewarding but often leads to a significant gap in effective promotion and visibility.

It’s clear that artists need more choices. Our partnership with Highlight allows artists to retain control over their work while participating in a more diverse, decentralized curatorial ecosystem through Worlds.

Enter the curator

With Worlds, artists and curators can work hand-in-hand, leveraging each other's strengths, networks and visions. This collaboration isn't just transactional; it's about building trust, understanding, and a shared vision to bring compelling art to a wider audience. It's a partnership in the truest sense, where both parties are invested in the success and impact of the art.

How the integration works

Once artists have formed relationships with curators and are ready to release their work together, they can start using the integration.

After the artist’s generative series is listed in a world, it can be scheduled as a dutch or fixed-price auction and tracked via the world’s dashboard. When a collector mints the series, the code runs in real-time to create the buyer’s unique artwork.

Fee breakdown

We’re committed to providing a fair fee model that puts more value into the hands of those who create and curate.

One tool, infinite possibilities

Highlight’s generative series tool allows artists to create generative art with dynamic data inputs, curated outputs, powerful testing and preview tools, draft mode, and the ability to use any assets or libraries you like.

Open-Access Platform

Highlight’s open-access nature allows artists unparalleled freedom in their creative process. Without the constraints of curation boards or strict technical requirements, artists are empowered to experiment and express themselves fully, breaking new ground in generative art.

Artist-owned Contracts

Artists can release their work on their own smart contracts. This grants them complete control and ownership, ensuring their creative output remains in their control. This autonomy is pivotal for artists who value independence and wish to retain the integrity of their work.

Dynamic Data Inputs

The ability to incorporate diverse blockchain data beyond the transaction hash into their artwork opens a new realm of creativity and conceptual exploration. Artists can craft interactive and innovative projects, making their art more engaging and interactive in new ways.

Generative art, although rooted in historic concepts, is still an emerging field. And we’ve only just recently discovered economic models to support its creation. By partnering with Highlight, we’re unlocking more curatorial perspectives to diversify what’s understood as valuable, compelling, and innovative within generative art.

Start using the integration today ↓

Create a generative series.

Create a world.

Import your generative series to a world.

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