Build your world, together

Introducing team management for Worlds

Launching a world is just the beginning. To take your world further, you might consider investing in artist relations, design, marketing or finance. And to do that, you need a team.

Before, worldbuilders were sharing wallet credentials to grant team members access to their dashboard. This requires implicit trust, and leaves the security of worlds vulnerable to human mistakes.

Worldbuilders need a way to grow their teams without compromising on security, which is why we’re excited to announce the introduction of Teams. Teams allows worldbuilders to securely add teammates to their world with the exact level of access they need to perform their role.

Through your dashboard, you can now add teammates to help grow your world.
Through your dashboard, you can now add teammates to help grow your world.

Team Roles

Owners have full control over the world. There are no limitations to what owners can do, including transferring and deleting the world.

Admins are empowered to do everything the owner can do, with the exception of transferring and deleting the world. This includes changing the payout address, and adding new team members.

Editors manage the world. They’re empowered to update the seller allowlist, update design elements and create new moments.

Need to create a world? Start here.

Already have a world? Add team members through the dashboard.

Learn more about this update here.

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