Introducing our latest integration with Transient Labs

Artists using Transient can now list their work on Foundation and in Worlds

We’re excited to announce the beginning of an ongoing partnership with Transient Labs. With this new integration, creators can now index ERC-721TL contracts created on Transient to Foundation.

Transient Labs is creating new digital mediums for artists using web3 technology. These tools expand the creative possibilities for artists and help bring their visions to life. Artists can start listing their collections on Foundation and either sell independently, or work with curators through the Worlds ecosystem.

By tapping into new sources of creativity, this partnership will also expand opportunities for worldbuilders. Our vision is for creators and curators to be empowered with the most cutting-edge technology in web3. And on Foundation, that now includes smart contracts from Transient Labs.


Artwork featured: Rug too close to the TV by Bhare, created with The Lab and listed on the artist’s Foundation world, Building a Happier Home.

Want to create work in The Lab? Apply here

Ready to list your work created with The Lab to Foundation? Go here.

Learn more about Transient Labs’ ERC-721TL smart contract features here.

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