A new world is possible.

Welcome to web3—the next evolution of the internet, full of limitless possibilities.

What if we let you in on a secret? NFTs are only the beginning for us.

Within the emergent ecosystem of web3, you can think of foundation.app as a destination. Here, creativity is emerging, and people from all over the world are arriving daily.

The new world is yours.

Ownership is shifting from web2 platforms to you. Two decades of web2 have helped connect a majority of humans, but almost exclusively on private platforms. Nearly every web2 company offers a centralized service, where all data and value contributed to the network gets locked within it.

In web3, your creativity is valued, and all of your digital objects and currencies travel with you, wherever you want to go.

The new world will have infinite destinations.

It will become more clear over time: an entirely new way of experiencing the internet is upon us.

Foundation is not a platform—it’s the basis for an entire ecosystem. Our opening act is foundation.app, which is just one of a multitude of web3 destinations that will exist. In the post-platform internet, there is nothing limiting you from traveling freely with your objects from one destination to another.

Right now, there are only a handful of true web3 destinations for you to experience. The future that we are building will pave the way for infinite destinations to come into being.

The new world is yours to build.

With foundation.app as their entry point into web3, creators from around the globe used NFTs in groundbreaking ways. Visionary artists catalyzed movements and brought together communities to build the new world with.

Alejandro Cartagena began his journey by minting photographs, and is now a node within many web3 communities including ObscuraDAO and Fellowship Trust. Yatreda, an artist collective in Ethiopia, used the technology to tell powerful stories about their identity and history that resonated beyond their wildest dreams. Technology is art, and creators like Dom Hoffman have pushed the medium past its initial bounds into a territory that is even more expressive and expansive. All of these innovations began with ideas, and the motivation to continue to find connections with the world around us.

A foundation is meant to be built on. Soon, we will introduce a new dimension for even more creatives to develop web3 with us—FoundationOS. When creativity is applied to technology, the limits of what can be built are no longer confined to what is known.

The new world is ours.

Web3 is being imagined, built, and realized by all who understand its potential. Creativity is being unleashed in orders of magnitude, and it’s up to all of us to pave the way for the next evolution of the internet to emerge. Web3 is ours.

A new world is possible.

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