Coded: Rozwell

The 4th season of ROONS is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited.

Rozwell made his mark with his initial release of ROONS by resisting the formulaic nature of PFPs that became so frequent and overused in the on-chain space. His latest endeavor, ROONS® Season 4, is not just a collection of art pieces; it's a journey through iconography, technology, and human narratives.


Rozwell's artistic journey began in his childhood, inspired by a creative family environment. His early passion for illustration laid the foundation for his venture into the digital art space. Today, Rozwell's work is a blend of his deep-rooted love for art and a keen interest in exploring new media.

ROONS: Beyond Avatars

ROONS started as an alternative to generative PFPs, envisioned as unique, "designer avatars." PFPs are forms of art that serve as identifiers; they signal belonging to a community. Similarly, Rozwell uses iconography, in place of portraiture, to create a series of work that explores intriguing themes.

ROONS is a play on RUNES. Viking runes were an alphabet. These symbols are supposed to be succinct enough to communicate things as you collect them.”

Each season of ROONS is a reflection of Rozwell's state of mind during its creation, making each one a time capsule of his artistic journey. The themes are selected through a meditative process of auto-writing and sketching, helping him distill the essence of the plurality of his thoughts into digital art.


Season 4: A Personal and Stylistic Evolution

The fourth season marks a milestone in Rozwell's creative process: the final season of ROONS. This season follows the emotional complexity of previous seasons created during a time of deep, personal strife. Seasons 2 and 3 were created at the height of his father’s battle with cancer, creating a much darker undertone and visual language. This latest series, however, reflects a more lighthearted approach to the overall project’s visual language. With a tongue-in-cheek, almost ironic approach to serious societal topics, masked in dopamine-clad, vibrant coloring, you get characters that range from St. Peter to an iconographic representation of a Cult, all the way to a personification of consumerism, as well as other iconic characters such as Doom Scrollers, Chocolate Milk and Broccoli.

Influenced by figures like Paul Rand and William Blake, and the indigenous art of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas, ROONS is a testament to Rozwell's ability to weave varied imagery and aesthetics into his work.


ROONS® Season 4 launches with Forever Projects on Dec. 19 at 1p ET. View the series here.

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