Worlds: Where Generative Art Meets Decentralized Curation

Introducing our upcoming integration with Highlight

We're excited to announce that Foundation is teaming up with Highlight to provide generative artists with more expansive tools and flexible options for creating, selling and curating their work. This partnership, launching exclusively in Worlds in early December, is a step forward for artists and curators in the digital art space.

Create, Curate, Thrive

Generative art is one of the most digitally native forms of expression defining the NFT market. Appreciating this genre of art means looking beyond its visual appeal to the underlying code and context. That's where curation comes in—it's not only about displaying art but also telling its story and celebrating the artist behind it.

Until now, generative artists had two choices: work with a platform and give up control, or do it all on their own. Our collaboration with Highlight changes that.

The relationship between artists and curators has long been a force for shaping culture. By combining our forces with Highlight, we’re able to reshape these relationships, equipping them with collaborative tools to push forward one of the most powerful movements in web3.

The power of working together

Highlight stands out as the first open-access generative art platform on Ethereum, offering artists the freedom to innovate with dynamic tools that embrace the blockchain's unique potential for permanence, scarcity and interactivity. With Highlight, artists have access to dynamic data inputs, curated outputs and full ownership of the smart contracts that they create.

Worlds is the leading platform for decentralized curation, providing infrastructure for curators and artists to build their own art platforms, on their own terms. With Worlds, generative artists have the unique opportunity to etch their collaboration with curators directly onto the blockchain, creating enduring digital spaces that not only showcase their work but also immortalize their impact on the art world.

Highlight's expansive tools and Worlds' diverse curatorial options converge in our partnership to reshape generative art. We’re coming together to forge innovative infrastructure, grounded in shared values of creative independence, accessibility and collaboration.

Following successful collaborations with Manifold and Transient Labs, partnering with Highlight marks another milestone in the journey towards making Worlds a composable, decentralized curation platform for uplifting digital artists—a vision worth realizing, together.

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